Lost in Translation

This is in order to make know my poetry works... actually all of them are developed in Spanish... of course that they sound different in my lenguage... anyway due to some of you do not speak in Spanish I will translate "Me olvide de Olvidarte"...

I have forgotten forgeting you.

I have forgotten the attempt of forgetting you.
I have forgotten forgetting you.
I learnt that it is better remembering you
with the goal of do not go back to you.
Going back and be the one I used to be.
Going back and cry again.
Going back and feel you far away.
Going back for your "love without loving"

Today, I remember your love
and I feel my self like
that guy who went trough
the desert, who saw the oasis,
who is now thirsthy and starving again.

Now I am doing catarsis with my tears,
and I am remembering that once I was
not thirsthy. Today thirsthy hurts me.

I will lie if I say that I have forgetting you,
But I have learnt that I am better than before,
because I have learnt that I can survive with
the "love without lover"

I will translate some other poems in the future.

Saludetes traducidos...

5 comentarios:

El Pinche Contreras. dijo...

a ver en francés si tan chhingón!!! jaja saludos

El Pavel dijo...

My dear Pinche Contreras...


I do not speak french...

But it is a good idea to learn it...

Please my friend... anytime you see a post in english... try to reply or comment in the same lenguage... in order to be undestood by everyone...

Take care buddy... I thank you for looking around my blog... do not forget to use my new banner...


Saludetes in English.

Ambigramas Alberto Portacio dijo...

Hola Pável
Encontré tu página por casualidad y realmente es muy agradable.
Yo también hago ambigramas, los puedes ver en: www.ambigramania.blogspot.com
Alberto Portacio Apicella

Anónimo dijo...

Pavel :) I'm so happy u posted something in English at last :) You are a talented poet :) Translate the sheep post one time :) I really wana know what u said abt the sheep :)

El Pavel dijo...

Alberto Portacio:

I went to your blog... real good work!!!

I will show my new ambigrammes to you.

Curly Wurly:

I thank you the visit.

I will try to post something in English everytime...

Take care.

Saludetes shakesperianos.